Architecture Frameworks

ISO/IEC/IEEE 42010 defines architecture framework and specifies requirements on architecture frameworks.

architecture framework:
conventions, principles and practices for the description of architectures established within a specific domain of application and/or community of stakeholders

Requirements on Frameworks

An architecture framework conforms to the International Standard (IS) when it specifies:

  1. information identifying the framework;
  2. one or more concerns;
  3. one or more stakeholders having those concerns;
  4. one or more architecture viewpoints (and their specifications conforming to the IS);
  5. correspondence rules, integrating the viewpoints (per 5.7 of IS);
  6. conditions on applicability (per 6.1 of IS);
  7. consistency of the framework with the provisions of the ISO/IEC/IEEE 42010 conceptual model. (see also: Meta model matters)

Survey of Frameworks

During the development of ISO/IEC/IEEE 42010, a number of existing frameworks were examined. Here is a table of recent, known frameworks with brief descriptions and links to further information.

Survey of Architecture Frameworks

What's New?

23 DEC 2016 Added link to User Group joining instructions. Added first ever youtube links to the Survey. Added link to Architecture Framework Conformity Assessment.

21 DEC 2016 Additions and updates to the Survey.

14 SEP 2016 Several additions and updates to the Survey.

22 MAY 2015 Several additions and updates to the Survey.

29 OCT 2013 A number of updates to the Survey.

7 MAR 2011 Updated table of known frameworks. [Survey]

20 FEB 2011 An analysis of various frameworks' metamodels, including DoDAF, MoDAF, NAF (from NATO), TRAK and TOGAF. [Metamodels]

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