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Working Sessions

Eight working sessions are scheduled for WICSA ECSA 2009.

Working sessions are two hours. Each working session contains three or four short papers about related subjects, and starts with 10-minute presentations of each short paper. The remaining time of the working session will be spent discussing the session's topic with the paper authors and other workshop participants. The working sessions will be facilitated by two working session chairs: one from industry and one from academia.

Sessions will use the conference wiki to provide paper preprints and other information to participants, formulate issues to discuss, and coordinate and capture session outcomes. Follow the links below to each working session's wiki page.

WS1: Architecture Knowledge 1: patterns & constraints

when: Tuesday 15 September, 13:30 – 15:30

session chairs: Hans van Vliet and John Klein

Weaving Antipatterns in a Network of Architectural Knowledge

Elena Navarro, Carlos E. Cuesta, Dewayne E. Perry

On the Need of Architectural Patterns in AOSD for Software Evolution

Monica Pinto, Lidia Fuentes, Juan A. Valenzuela, Paulo F. Pires, Flavia C. Delicato, Eberton Marinho

Exploring Ontologies to support the establishment of Reference Architecture: An example on Software Testing

Elisa Yumi Nakagawa, Ellen Francine Barbosa, José Carlos Maldonado

Modeling Constraints Improves Software Architecture Design Reasoning

Antony Tang, Hans van Vliet

[WS1 wiki]

WS2: Stakeholder concerns

when: Tuesday 15 September, 13:30 – 15:30

session chairs: Nick Rozanski, Len Bass

RQ-Tech Method for User-Involved Software Development

Christine A. Hoyland, Kevin MacG. Adams

Detecting Architecture Instabilities with Concern Traces: An Exploratory Study

Eduardo Figueiredo, Ismênia Galvão, Safoora Shakil Khan, Alessandro Garcia, Claudio Sant'Anna, Afonso Pimentel, Ana Luisa Medeiros, Lyrene Fernandes, Thais Batista, Rita Ribeiro, Pim van den Broek, Mehmet Akşit, Steffen Zschaler, Ana Moreira

[WS2 wiki]

WS3: Analysis

when: Tuesday 15 September, 13:30 – 15:30

session chairs: Eóin Woods, Ali Babar

Characterizing Essential and Incidental Complexity in Software Architectures

Raghvinder S. Sangwan, Colin J. Neill

From Retrospect to Prospect: Assessing Modularity and Stability From Software Architecture

Kanwarpreet Sethi, Yuanfang Cai, Sunny Wong, Alessandro Garcia, Claudio Sant'Anna

Towards a Method for Software Architecture Analysis addressing Usability

Bettina Biel, Volker Gruhn

[WS3 wiki]

WS4: 21st Century Architectural Styles

when: Tuesday 15 September, 13:30 – 15:30

session chairs: Liming Zhu, Chris Cooper-Bland

Architecting Method for Distributed Process-Intensive Systems

Xiwei Xu, Liming Zhu, Mark Staples, Yan Liu

Self-Optimizing Architecture for Ensuring Quality Attributes in the Cloud

Vivek Nallur, Rami Bahsoon, Xin Yao

On Service-Oriented Architectural Concerns and Viewpoints

Qing Gu, Patricia Lago

[WS4 wiki]

WS5: Architecture Knowledge 2: decisions and rationale

when: Wednesday 16 September, 13:30 – 15:30

session chairs: Paris Avgeriou, Eltjo Poort

Architectural Design Decision: Existing Models and Tools

Mojtaba Shahin, Peng Liang, Mohammad Reza Khayyambashi

Integrating Decision Management with UML Modeling Concepts and Tools

Patrick Könemann

The Anatomy and Physiology of the Grid Revisited

Chris A. Mattmann, Joshua Garcia, Ivo Krka, Daniel Popescu, Nenad Medvidovic

Embedded Design Rationale in Software Architecture

Rafael Capilla

[WS5 wiki]

WS6: Architecture Design

when: Wednesday 16 September, 13:30 – 15:30

session chairs: David Garlan, Bob Schwanke

Generate and Test as a Software Architecture Design Approach

Len Bass

Introducing Aspect-oriented Space Containers for Efficient Publish/Subscribe Scenarios in Intelligent Transportation Systems

Eva Kühn, Richard Mordinyi, Laszlo Keszthelyi, Christian Schreiber, Sandford Bessler, Slobodanka Tomic

Layered Architecture Revisited–Comparison of Research and Practice

Juha Savolainen, Varvana Myllärniemi

Interaction-sensitive Synthesis of Architectural Tactics in Connector Designs

Thorsten Keuler, Christian Webel

[WS6 wiki]

WS7: Architectural Description

when: Wednesday 16 September, 13:30 – 15:30

session chairs: Patricia Lago, Rich Hilliard

Reviewing Architecture Documents Using Question Sets

Robert L. Nord, Paul C. Clements, David Emery, Rich Hilliard

Multiple Viewpoints Architecture Extraction

Azadeh Razavizadeh, Hervé Verjus, Sorana Cîmpan, Stéphane Ducasse

The System Context Architectural Viewpoint

Eóin Woods, Nick Rozanski

Modeling Architectural Change: Architectural Scripting and Its Applications to Reconfiguration

Mads Ingstrup, Klaus Marius Hansen

[WS7 wiki]

WS8: Adaptive Architectures

when: Wednesday 16 September, 13:30 – 15:30

session chairs: Judy Stafford and Tomi Männistö

Evaluation of Dynamic Adaptivity through Metrics: An Achievable Target?

Claudia Raibulet, Laura Masciadri

A Formalization of Mediating Connectors: Towards on-the-fly Interoperability

Romina Spalazzese, Paola Inverardi, Valérie Issarny

An Architectural Style for Optimizing System Qualities in Adaptive Embedded Systems using Multi-Objective Optimization

Arjan de Roo, Hasan Sözer, Mehmet Akşit

A model-based multi-level architectural reconfiguration applied to adaptability management in context-aware cooperative communication support systems

Ismael Bouassida Rodriguez, Khalil Drira, Christophe Chassot, Mohamed Jmaiel

[WS8 wiki]

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