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Six working sessions are scheduled for WICSA 2008. Each will use the conference wiki to provide paper preprints and other information to participants, formulate issues to discuss, and coordinate and capture session outcomes.

WS1: Architecture & Organisation

Session chairs: Paul Clements and Eltjo Poort

Assessing the Value of Software Architecture. Pasi Ojala

Evaluating The Software Architecture Competence of Organizations. Len Bass, Paul Clements, Rick Kazman, Mark Klein

Importance of Software Architecture during Release Planning. Markus Lindgren, Christer Norstram, Anders Wall, Rikard Land

Ready! Set! Go! An Action Research Agenda for Software Architecture. Henrik B Christensen, Klaus M Hansen, Kari R Schougaard

WS2: Knowledge

Session chairs: Jeff Tyree and Patricia Lago

Can ADLs Improve Architectural Pattern Reuse? Sorana Cimpan, Vincent Couturier

Understanding Architectural Assets. Peter Eeles

Wishes and Boundaries for a Software Architecture Knowledge Community. Patricia Lago, Paris Avgeriou, Rafael Capilla, Philippe Kruchten

WS3: Analysis and Design

Session chairs: Thomas Lonski and Claudia Raibulet

A Framework for Estimating the Impact of a Distributed Software System's Architectural Style on its Energy Consumption. Chiyoung Seo, George Edwards, Sam Malek, Nenad Medvidović

A Software Architecture for Cross-Layer Wireless Network Adaptations. Soon-Hyeok Choi, Dewayne E. Perry, Scott Nettles

Extraction of Component-Based Architecture From Object-Oriented Systems. Sylvain Chardigny, Abdelhak Seriai, Mourad Oussalah, Dalila Tamzalit

Simulating Software Architectures for functional analysis. Henry Muccini, Patrizio Pelliccione

Towards Software Architecture Physiology: Identifying Vital Components. Ilham Alloui, Sorana Cimpan, Herve Verjus

WS4: Architecture Documentation Frameworks

Session chairs: John Klein and Rich Hilliard

3+1 Views of Architecture (in 3D) - An Amplification of the 4+1 Viewpoint Framework. Mark Kennaley

Updating IEEE 1471: Architecture Frameworks and Other Topics. David Emery, Rich Hilliard

WS5: Generation and Transformation

Session chairs: Christine Hofmeister and Katie Weiss

Defining Service-Oriented Software Architecture Models for an MDA-based Development Process at the PIM level. Marcos Lopez-Sanz, César J. Acuña, Carlos E. Cuesta, Esperanza Marcos

Effective Realization of Software Architectural Styles with Aspects. Sam Malek

WS6: Architecture and Adaptation

Session chairs: Ian Gorton and Morven Gentleman

A Modifiable Agent-Based Software Architecture for Intelligent Virtual Environments for Training. Gonzalo Mendez, Angelica de Antonio

Automatic Rule Derivation for Adaptive Architectures. Jesper Andersson, Morgan Ericsson, Welf Lowe

Supporting the Evolution of Product Line Architectures With Variability Model Fragments. Deepak Dhungana, Thomas Neumayer, Paul Grünbacher, Rick Rabiser

Towards a Formal Model for Reconfigurable Software Architectures by Bigraphs. Zhiming Chang, Xinjun Mao, Zhichang Qi

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