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Information for Visitors

Please read about border entry requirements for Canada (below).

Visiting Vancouver and British Columbia

WICSA 2008 welcomes you to beautiful Vancouver, BC CANADA!

We hope your trip to WICSA and Vancouver will be highly enjoyable. We have assembled some useful information on the WICSA 2008 conference wiki, including information about the city, the environment, places and things to experience!

Please visit the WICSA 2008 conference wiki and browse through the Vancouver Visitor Information located there. The wiki is meant to be participatory as well as informative, so please enter your thoughts, recommendations and additional information there!

Note: Only registered WICSA 2008 conference attendees will have access to the conference wiki. See general information about the wiki.

Other local information sources:

Travel and Entry into Canada

Canada welcomes over 35 million visitors every year, and the WICSA organizing committee is committed to making your travel experience to WICSA 2008 pleasant. We are pleased to provide the following important information on border entry requirements.

This information may change between now and the conference, so please verify requirements from your location well prior to travel.

Please refer to Citizenship and Immigration Canada website (CIC) for up-to-date information.

Please note that WICSA 2008 organizers cannot be held responsible for obtaining appropriate visas or travel documents. WICSA attendees should arrange to obtain visas as early as possible to avoid problems.

Visitors from the United States, U.S. Citizens

Effective January 23, 2007, all U.S. citizens traveling by air to and from Canada are required to have a valid passport to re-enter the United States. On June 8, 2007, the U.S. Departments of State and Homeland Security announced that a U.S. citizen traveling to Canada who has applied for, but not yet received, a passport can re-enter the United States by air. Adults who have applied for but not yet received a passport should present government-issued photo identification and an official proof of application from the U.S. Department of State.

If you are a naturalized U.S. citizen, you should carry this certificate. If you are a dual U.S./Canadian citizen, you should always present yourself as a Canadian citizen when entering Canada and as a U.S. citizen (with U.S. passport) when entering or leaving the United States.

Please refer to U.S. State Department website for latest information (Travel to Canada).