How To Participate

The 5-year revision of ISO/IEC/IEEE 42010:2011 has begun. As with the previous edition, the development will be undertaken with JTC 1/SC 7/WG 42.

This revision will undertake any corrections and clarifications needed based upon the past five years of usage of the current (2011) edition. The revision will seek to incorporate improvements to the practices of Architecture Description that have come into use since the previous edition. The revision will update its alignment with related standards (including ISO/IEC/IEEE 15288 and 12207) that have been published since that edition. Expected scope of the new edition is as follows:

This International Standard specifies the manner in which architecture descriptions of systems are organized and expressed. This International Standard specifies architecture viewpoints, architecture frameworks and architecture description languages for use in architecture descriptions. This International Standard establishes the conceptual foundations for terms and concepts used in architecture description; presents guidance on specifying architecture viewpoints and architecture frameworks; and demonstrates the use of this International Standard with other standards.

Anyone interested in following use and discussions of the Standard should join the ISO/IEC/IEEE 42010 Users Group.

Anyone interested to participate in this development, its balloting, or to submit proposals for consideration during the revision, please contact, Rich Hilliard, IEEE AWG chair.

IEEE AWG has also joined the on-going WG 42 effort on Architecture Processes (slated to become ISO/IEC/IEEE 42020). The draft scope of that work item is:

This standard will establish a common framework of process descriptions for the governance and management of a portfolio of architectures and the architecting of entities associated with those architectures. It also provides a process for development of enablers in support of the other architecture processes.

Several drafts have already been circulated by ISO. If you would like to join the balloting group for P42020 (Architecture processes), you need to do so before 13 January 2017. [Joining Instructions].

Lastly, there is another ISO on-going effort for architecture evaluation may want to consider participation in WG 42's new work item on architecture evaluation. IEEE is likely to join this effort as well in 2017.

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