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Library Design Notes


  • Viewpoints
    • Initial, existing viewpoints: trust, execution, 4+1, RW, SOA automation viewpoints
  • Viewpoint template(s)
  • Useful references, bibliography, links
  • Tools supporting viewpoints: MEGAF
  • Frameworks = coordinated collections of viewpoints
  • ADLs = languages for architecture description
  • Architecture description examples

NOTE: Many things in the literature are "close to" viewpoints without being documented as such. Hopefully, by referencing them, this will encourage their submission in a conforming format.

NOTE: In ISO/IEC 42010, ADLs and architecture frameworks are also conformance points, and have many similarities to viewpoints.

Things to Read

Peter Eeles suggests to look at OMG's Reusable Asset Specification (OMG ptc/04-06-06).

Paris suggests to look at these documents on Open Pattern Library (OPR): Intro OPR briefing, OPR requirements.

R. Hilliard, I. Malavolta, H. Muccini, P. Pelliccione, "Realizing architecture frameworks through megamodelling techniques". Automated Software Engineering, 2010 [pdf]

Damien A. Tamburri, Patricia Lago, and Henry Muccini, "Leveraging Software Architectures through the ISO/IEC 42010 standard: A Feasibility Study". TEAR 2010.


We should develop a simple statement of requirements for the Library:

  • Submission, documentation, search and retrieval of architecture viewpoints
  • Support for template(s) for viewpoints
  • Commenting on viewpoints
  • Collaboration on developing and improving viewpoints
  • Resource mangagement: links and papers on viewpoints