IEEE P1016 Working Group: Software Design Descriptions


This is the web site for the IEEE Working Group (WG) P1016, developers of IEEE Standard for Information Technology — Systems Design — Software Design Descriptions, the revision to IEEE Std 1016–1998 (Recommended Practice for Software Design Descriptions).

The goals for this revision were:

  1. raise IEEE 1016 from a Recommended Practice to a full Standard;
  2. harmonize with design practices in Software Engineering Body of Knowledge (SWEBOK);
  3. eliminate any conflicts with ISO|IEEE|EIA 12207;
  4. harmonize with IEEE Std 1320.1 (IDEF0) and IEEE Std 1320.2 (IDEF1X); and
  5. address component-based design and other emerging design approaches.

What's New?

  • April 2010: IEEE Std 1016 is under consideration for submission to ISO for fast-track balloting as an international standard.
  • 21 Mar 2009: P1016 was approved as a revision standard by the IEEE-SA Standards Board on 19 March 2009. It will be published as IEEE Std 1016–2009™ Standard for Information Technology — Systems Design — Software Design Descriptions.
  • 9 Sep 2008: A draft of P1016 has been submitted to IEEE for Mandatory Editorial Coordination; the editor will make the changes required by IEEE to create a balloting version. The ballot group has been formed. Keith Middleton will serve as WG acting chair.
  • 12 Mar 2008: This is an update on the status of IEEE P1016. Dr Jovanovic has resigned as chair (due to family matters). Rich Hilliard agreed to stay on as secretary/editor to help get the document to a first ballot.
    To that end, please review the last draft (IEEE P1016/D5.0, dated: 12 December 2005) for any changes we should make before going to ballot. The draft may be downloaded here: (pdf).
    If you have comments, please send them to the editor no later than 4 April 2008.
  • 7 Dec 2006: Rehosted the P1016 web site. Thanks to DSCI for these resources, and a special thank you to Pithecanthropus Consulting, Inc. for many years of support in hosting the P1016 site.
  • 9 Aug 2002: P1016 D1.0 released to reviewers
  • 1 Feb 2002: Semi-annual report to SESC released
  • 7 Nov 2001: PAR and Project Plan approved by SESC EXCOM
  • 3 Nov 2001: Initiated Call for Reviewers
  • 2 Nov 2001: P1016 Project Plan submitted SESC EXCOM
  • 15 Oct 2001: P1016 PAR submitted to SESC Management Board

WG Participants

  • William Bartholomew
  • Ted Byrne
  • Bob Cook
  • Rich Hilliard, editor
  • Vladan V Jovanovic, chair emeritus
  • Philippe Kruchten
  • Kathy Land
  • Keith R. Middleton, acting chair
  • James Moore
  • Basil Sherlund, chair emeritus
  • Ira Sachs

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