Monthly Status OF P1016 WG - 31 DECEMBER 2001

Item 1. P1016 PAR Approval - The PAR will be considered by NesCom at their March 2002 meeting. Work on the draft standard can proceed without NesCom approval of the PAR.

Item 2. Project Plan - The SESC Executive Committee reviewed the project plan and their comments were addressed in the new baseline version (20 November 2001). There are no outstanding comments therefore the proviso has been satisfied and the plan stands approved as amended on 20 November 2001.

Item 3. Second draft of P1016 - The focus of the group has now shifted to the drafts of the standard. Action items from the 30 December Meeting are due from the participants on 12 January 2002. The editor will incorporating comments into d0.2 and will release d0.3 to the working group participants 16 January 2002. Dr J will host a meeting at Georgia Southern University near Savanna. Videoconferencing will be available at the Georgia meeting. The plan is to have a draft each month until March 2002 when d0.5 will be released to our reviewer list for comments.

Item 4. Harmonization - Scope was defined for P1016 in part by 12207.0 activities and SWEBOK tasks. No conflicts arose between P1016 and 12207.0, 12207.1 and the SWEBOK. Therefore P1016 is in compliance with both IEEE/EIA 12207.0 and the SWEBOK. Based on a management board request, which was accepted and incorporated into the Project Plan, only upward harmonization from IEEE/EIA 12207.0, IEEE/EIA 12207.1 and SWEBOK to P1016 will occur. Downward harmonization will not occur until after IEEE Std 1016 is published and is adopted by the user community and a consensus is reached among this community.

Item 5. Organization - A p1016 wiki has been implemented. On a trial basis the wiki will be used for collaboration on the P1016D0.3 document. Participants are expected to utilize our p1016 wiki to review and input comments on draft documents.

Item 6. The website was updated (12/31/2001).

Basil A. Sherlund
P1016 WG Chair
Software Design Descriptions