WEEKLY STATUS OF P1016 WG - 26 October 2001

Item 1. P1016 PAR Approval - The PAR for P1016 will be resubmitted to the SESC Executive Committee. The Executive Committee will meet next week 7 November on the P1016 PAR which will be on the agenda with the Project Plan. Anticipating SESC approval then the PAR will be approved by NesCom in March 2002.

Item 2. Project Plan - Comments on revision C were received from the Management Board Members. Comments were incorporated into revision E. We will submit the final plan based on an internal review to the 7 November meeting of SESC on November 1, 2001.

Item 3. First draft of P1016 - A meeting in Detroit defining the baseline scope, stakeholders, and expectations is scheduled for November 18-19, 2001. Three participants have confirmed, Two have declined, Three are outstanding.

Item 4. Organization - Repeat, we need one or two technical individuals to work with Dr J on the drafts of P1016. Suggestions are in order.

Basil A. Sherlund
P1016 WG Chair
Software Design Descriptions