Weekly Status OF P1016 WG - 21 November 2001

Item 1. P1016 PAR Approval - The PAR will be considered by NesCom at their March 2002 meeting. Work on the draft standard can proceed without NesCom approval of the PAR.

Item 2. Project Plan - The SESC Executive Committee reviewed the project plan and their comments were addressed in the new baseline version (20 November 2001). Working group modifications arrived at at the 18 November meeting were also incorporated. Overall significant modifications were made to achieve the final project plan:

(1). Original Item a. "End-users, owners, business sponsors" in customers for the proposed project was removed to be consistent with the approved P1016 PAR which supercedes the project plan;
(2). Under Proposed Product, Scope and Purpose the following paragraph was added: "Design patterns and frameworks (designs on a higher level of abstractions) will be able to be described with the same software design technology, such as notations/languages like UML, as instance designs using the standard";
(3). Under Product Breakdown Structure the second paragraph was modified to read: "The planned table of contents for the standard is show below. In the revision, Clause 5 describing the required contents will be normative. Clause 6 organization of an SDD will be normative. Normative clauses will provide for two types of conformance: content conformance and format conformance";
(4). Under Planned Table of Contents the following sections were added: "4.4 Required internal characteristics from an SDD", "4.5 Required input output characteristics from an SDD", and "5.4 General requirements for Notation/Language";
(5). Annexes D & E were combined: "Annex D (Informative) Use of a Formal Language (Z, VDL) in an SDD";
(6).Under Proposed base documents the following standard was added: "BS 7738-1:1994, Specification for information systems products using SSADM (Structured Systems Analysis and Design Method). Implementation of SSADM version 4";
(7). Wording for Relationships with other Organizations and Standards was accepted from the management board for 12207 and extended that wording to the SWEBOK: "P1016 will be harmonized with the design portions of IEEE/EIA 12207.0 and the data portions of 12207.1", "Although SWEBOK is not a standard but represents the Software Engineering Body of Knowledge, P1016 will be harmonized with the design portion (Chapter 3) of the SWEBOK".

Item 3. First draft of P1016 - The focus of the group has now shifted to the drafts of the standard. The meeting in Detroit on November 18, 2001 included Myself, Dr J, Dr Mrdalj, Rich, Judy and Ira as participants. Video Conferencing was employed for Ira and Rich who were checked out subscribers. Judy utilized teleconferencing. We defined the baseline scope, stakeholders, and expectations and produced d0.1of the standard. Scope was defined in part by 12207.0 activities and SWEBOK tasks. No conflicts arose between P1016 and 12207.0, 12207.1, and the SWEBOK. The meeting was successful. The next meeting is 16 December in Detroit and I will have Videoconferencing capabilities. On January 20-21, 2002 Dr J will host a meeting at Georgia Southern University near Savanna. No Videoconferencing will be available at the Georgia meeting. The plan is to have a draft each month until March 2002 when d0.5 will be released from reviewer comments.

Item 4. The website was recently updated (11/19/2001).

Basil A. Sherlund
P1016 WG Chair
Software Design Descriptions