Weekly Status OF P1016 WG - 19 October 2001

Item 1. P1016 PAR Approval - The PAR for P1016 was submitted to the SESC Executive Committee. The Executive Committee met this week but ask to put the P1016 PAR on the agenda for 7 November when the Project Plan will be available. Anticipating SESC approval then the PAR will be approved by NesCom in March 2002.

Item 2. Project Plan - Revision C of the plan went to Dr. Dennis Lawrence, Management Board Chair today. Comments are being solicited. We will submit the plan to the November meeting of SESC.

Item 3. First draft of P1016 - Documents have been distributed, defining the baseline scope, stakeholders, and expectations is in progress. More dialog is necessary at this time. No Change. This is where we start on the draft documents.

Item 4. Organization - We need one or two technical individuals to work with DrJ on the drafts of P1016. Suggestions are in order.

Item 5. Rich put up our web site. Good going Rich.

Basil A. Sherlund
P1016 WG Chair
Software Design Descriptions