Weekly Status OF P1016 WG - 16 November 2001

Dr. Stevan Mrdalj has joined our working group. Welcome Dr. Mrdalj.

Item 1. P1016 PAR Approval - The PAR will be considered by NesCom at their March 2002 meeting. Work on the draft standard can proceed without NesCom approval of the PAR.

Item 2. Project Plan - The SESC Executive Committee is reviewing the project plan and signify if their comments were addressed properly.

Item 3. First draft of P1016 - The focus of the group has now shifted to the draft standard. The meeting in Detroit is to define the baseline scope, stakeholders, and expectations and is scheduled for November 18, 2001. Myself, Dr J, Dr Mrdalj, Rich, Judy and Ira have confirmed; Ted, Kathy, Philippe and Joaquin have declined; Jim is outstanding. Video Conferencing is available for those of you that are so inclined. Ira and Rich are checked out subscribers. Judy is in the process of getting checked out. The meeting agenda was finalized and published on our web page along with the discussion documents.

Item 4. The website was recently updated (11/16/2001).

Basil A. Sherlund
P1016 WG Chair
Software Design Descriptions