WG 42 First Meeting

The joint ISO and IEEE revision of IEEE 1471 will be carried out by ISO/IEC JTC1/SC7 WG 42. The first meeting of Working Group 42 took place in Seoul, Republic of Korea, 30 Oct–3 Nov 2006, with representation from Australia, Sweden, Japan, UK and US; and in liaison with IEEE, INCOSE, and ISO TC 184/SC 5/WG 1.

Much of the meeting was taken up by examination of the 185 comments received from the fast track ballot of IEEE 1471. All comments were deferred to the revision. No comments were accepted because this would entail modification of the draft international standard, whereas rules of fast-track ballots are to either accept or reject without modification. With the comments handled, the the draft international standard (DIS) can be published. It will appear as:

ISO/IEC DIS 42010, Systems and Software Engineering—Architectural Description

The text of this DIS will be identical to ANSI/IEEE Std 1471-2000.

Note this is a number change from the fast-track ballot, which balloted 1471 as ISO/IEC DIS 25961. The reason for the number change is that the convenor of WG 42, Johan Bendz (SE), has reserved the 42000 series of numbers for a projected suite of architecture-related standardse, of which 1471/42010 will be the first. Note also this is a title change, removing "recommended practice" (the revision will be a full international standard); and removing "software-intensive systems" (since the planned scope will be broader than that).