Architecture Planning Group:
Approved Charter

August 20, 1995

The Architecture Planning Group will define for the Software Engineering Standards Committee the statement of direction for incorporating architecture into the set of IEEE standards for software engineering.

Every system or subsystem has an architecture, as defined by IEEE 610.12-1990. Every system with software has a software view of that architecture. This planning group will define terms, principles and guidelines for software architecture, not in isolation, but integrated with the views of other disciplines.

Planned Tasks

  1. Define a framework for relating the concept and principles of software architecture to software and systems engineering.
  2. Examine selected IEEE software engineering standards for:
    a. their conformance to the framework of software architecture that has been defined in task 1.
    b. their applicability and use in Software architecture.
  3. Produce an Action Plan with recommendations for incorporating software architecture into IEEE standards for software engineering. (E.g., obsolete old standards, modify existing standards, propose new standards). Provide recommendations for the Software Engineering Standards Committee to work effectively within the systems communities.